Converted to Repligo by FuzzyLogic 3 страница

tired, so terribly tired. She only wanted to sleep.

Painfully, slowly, Nora opened her eyes.

She was no longer clinging to the trunk. She lay

sprawled upon the ground. Sand stuck to her face and

her bare legs.

She bolted upright.

Nicholas! Where was Nicholas?

Nora's eyes darted around the beach. She spotted

the trunk—and gasped.

The trunk had smashed into a huge rock. The lid

was open.

Was Nicholas still inside? Was he hurt?

Nora scrambled to her feet and ran toward the

trunk. She slipped on the wet sand and fell to her


She forced herself to her feet and staggered for

5 1

FEAR STREET Converted to Repligo by FuzzyLogic 3 страница SAGAS

ward. With dread filling her heart, she gazed into the


Nicholas rested there.


So very still.

"Nicholas?" she whispered in a raspy voice.

He did not move.

Seagulls flew overhead, but even their screeching

did not wake him.

He is dead, Nora thought dully. Nicholas is dead.

Tears welled in her eyes. She reached out and

touched her baby's cheek. "Nicholas?"

He scrunched his face and released a long wail. He

was alive!

Nora laughed, lifted him out of the chest, and held

him close.

The warm breeze caressed her face as she stood on

the sandy shore. "We Converted to Repligo by FuzzyLogic 3 страница are safe, Nicholas. Safe."

Nora walked into the ocean until it lapped around

her knees. She stared at the crystal-blue water that

stretched into eternity. "We will start a new life

together," she promised Nicholas.

He reached up with one tiny hand and grabbed the

chain of her amulet. The chain snapped. The amulet

fell to the ground.

Nora picked it up and studied it. She turned it over

and read the inscription: DOMINATIO PER MALUM.

"Power through evil," Nora whispered. "Your father

gave this to me as a symbol of his love, Nicholas.

The amulet was special to him, because it had been in

his Converted to Repligo by FuzzyLogic 3 страница family for a long time."


Nora sighed. "Your father's family had power and

money. But they paid a heavy price. They let evil into

their lives, and it destroyed them."

Nora stared down into the ocean for a long moment.

"I do not want that evil to be a part of your life,

Nicholas. I do not want you to suffer the same fate

your father did."

The amulet felt heavy in her hand. Heavy and


Nora brought her arm back and flung it into the

calm sea.

Relief swept through her. She hugged Nicholas.

"Now the Fear evil cannot Converted to Repligo by FuzzyLogic 3 страница touch you."

Nora stared down into her baby's face. "We are

going to start a new life—with new names. From now

on, we will be known as Nora and Nicholas Storm."

5 3



JN icholas Storm hated being a fisherman.

He hated the feel of slimy fish. The taste of salt on

his lips. The odor of brine that filled his nostrils.

As he trudged home, he carried the stink of fish

with him. No matter how often he bathed or how hard

he scrubbed, the stench clung to his skin. He hated it.

He hated everything in his life. Everything.

Everything but Converted to Repligo by FuzzyLogic 3 страница Rosalyn.

Rosalyn was different. She did not belong to Shadow

Cove. Rosalyn came from Spain.

Nicholas loved her long black hair and dark brown

eyes. And the tiny gold studs she wore in her pierced


None of the other girls in Shadow Cove had pierced

ears. None of the other girls were anything like


The other girls in their town only wanted to get

5 7


married and settle down. Have babies. And eat the

fish their husbands caught.

Rosalyn wanted more. And so did Nicholas. They

wanted to get married and leave Shadow Cove together.

But Rosalyn's father would never give them permission

to Converted to Repligo by FuzzyLogic 3 страница wed. He had strict requirements for the man

who would marry his daughter—the man had to be

rich and powerful. As rich and powerful as Rosalyn's


Rosalyn had been forbidden even to speak to Nicholas.

They always had to meet in secret.

Nicholas promised himself he would make

Rosalyn's father accept him someday. No matter what

it took. And then he and Rosalyn would get married.

Nicholas strode up to the house he shared with his

mother. The salt air had faded the warped, weatherbeaten

boards to a dull gray.

Nicholas pushed open the door and stepped into

the kitchen. He came to an Converted to Repligo by FuzzyLogic 3 страница abrupt halt.

The house stood dark and silent. Too silent.

Flies buzzed around the eggs he had left on his plate

at breakfast. "Mother!" he called, wondering why she

had not washed the dishes.

A crab skittered sideways across the wooden floor.

Slowly Nicholas walked through the kitchen into

the front room. Empty.

Nicholas heard a low groan. He ran down the

hallway and barged into his mother's room. He found

his mother curled into a ball on the floor.

She did not move as Nicholas rushed over to her.

5 8


Her face was as white as the shells that washed up on

the Converted to Repligo by FuzzyLogic 3 страница beach. Her eyes were closed.

He knelt beside her and took her hand. It felt as

cold as ice. "Mother?" he whispered hoarsely. The

stench of death surrounded her.

Nicholas rubbed his mother's hand with both of

his. Her hand felt cold. Too cold. "Mother, what is

wrong?" he cried. "Are you ill?"

Nora struggled to open her eyes. She stared up at

him. "Daniel?" she rasped.

Relief washed through Nicholas. "No, Mother. It is


Nora smiled wistfully. "You look so like your


"So you have often said," Nicholas replied. "Now

tell me what happened," he urged.

"My h e a r Converted to Repligo by FuzzyLogic 3 страница t ... " Her words trailed off.

He scooped his mother up in his arms. Light. She

felt so light.

When did she begin to look so old? he wondered as

he stared down at her. His mother had the appearance

of a woman twice her age. Her once bright green eyes

were dull. Her once brown hair now gray.

Grief tightened around his heart as he gently lowered

her to her bed. He picked up the coverlet from

the floor and wrapped it around her.

His mother had worked so hard to support them.

As soon as he was old enough, Nicholas had gotten a

job on one of Converted to Repligo by FuzzyLogic 3 страница the fishing boats. But for years his

mother had taken care of him all alone.

He remembered the hours his mother had spent


sewing, and washing clothes, and mending fishnets to

earn enough money for them to eat and keep their

little house.

Nicholas always promised himself that when he

made his fortune, he would give his mother everything

she wanted. She would never have to work

another day.

Nicholas sat down next to his mother. Time was

slipping away from him, like sand through his fingers.

He realized he would never be able to give his mother

the things she deserved.

"Nicholas. I have Converted to Repligo by FuzzyLogic 3 страница something to tell you," his mother

said, her voice weak. "I wanted to protect you,


Protect me from what? Nicholas thought. A shiver

ran through him.

Nora swallowed. "You need to know the truth

about your family. I will not always be here to protect


Nicholas felt his throat tighten. He wanted to tell

his mother that she would be around to protect him

for years and years. But he knew it was a lie.

Seagulls screeched in the distance. Wind whipped

through the house, shaking the doors and windows.

His mother looked deeply into his eyes. Her expression

so intense it almost frightened Converted to Repligo by FuzzyLogic 3 страница Nicholas.

"Your father ... your father ..." she began.

"Tell me," Nicholas begged. "Tell me."

He had waited so long to hear about his father. His

mother had never spoken of him—except to say


Nicholas looked just like his father. Now he would

finally learn the truth.

"Your father left you a legacy ..." Nora told him.

She gasped for breath. "A legacy of..."

Her body spasmed. Nicholas heard a rattling sound

deep in his mother's chest.

The death rattle.

Her hands released their grip.

She fell back on the bed. Her eyes stared blankly up

at Nicholas.

She is dead, Nicholas thought. My mother Converted to Repligo by FuzzyLogic 3 страница is dead.

6 1


N icholas heard his mother's words over and over

as he stood beside her grave. / wanted to protect

you ... Your father left you a legacy ...

Would he ever understand? Would he ever learn

what she wanted to protect him from?

Would he ever have the legacy his father wanted to

give him?

Nicholas shivered in the cold wind. He wished

Rosalyn were here. He needed to talk to her. She

would help him figure things out.

He knew Rosalyn had wanted to be with him at the

funeral. But her father would not allow it.

If I already had my legacy, I Converted to Repligo by FuzzyLogic 3 страница bet Rosalyn's father

would change his mind about me. Rosalyn and I

could be married right away.

When the sun set, Nicholas walked away from his


mother's grave. He wandered down to the beach and

stared at the vast ocean spread before him. The full

moon reflected off the water.

Nicholas did not want to go home. The little house

would feel too empty without his mother there. Tears

stung Nicholas's eyes.

He did not want to cry. He strode down the beach.

Moving faster and faster. Then breaking into a run.

He ran until his heart pounded painfully and his

lungs burned Converted to Repligo by FuzzyLogic 3 страница. Ran until he heard someone call his



The blue silk of her dress billowed as she raced

toward him. The blue stones of her favorite necklace

captured the moonbeams.

Rosalyn threw herself into his arms. Nicholas held

her tight. So tight. He never wanted to let her go.

He rested his cheek on her head. Her long black

hair smelled like the rose perfume she always wore.

And it felt so soft.

With a sigh, Rosalyn stepped back and lifted her

gaze to his. Her dark eyes held a serious expression.

Nicholas bent down and kissed her tenderly. Her

full lips felt soft and welcoming Converted to Repligo by FuzzyLogic 3 страница. Then he cradled her

face in his hands. "Rosalyn, what is wrong?" he asked


"You must leave," Rosalyn blurted out. She pressed

her face against his chest. He felt her trembling

against him. "You must leave Shadow Cove right




She looked up at him, tears filling her eyes. "Tonight,

my father told me that he is planning to arrange

a marriage for me. A marriage to a wealthy man, a

man who can take care of me. I was so upset. Without

thinking, I told him I love you."

Nicholas gritted his teeth. "Was he furious?"

She nodded. "He vowed he would Converted to Repligo by FuzzyLogic 3 страница kill you before he

allowed us to marry." She wrapped her fingers around

his arm. "You must leave. My father does not make

threats he will not carry out."

"There is something I have to tell you. Something

that might make your father change his mind about

me," Nicholas said. "Before she died, my mother told

me my father had left me a legacy."

"Did she tell you who your father was?" Rosalyn


Nicholas shook his head. "But I will find out. I have


Rosalyn looked doubtful.

Nicholas rushed on. "Even if I do not, I will find a

way to make my fortune Converted to Repligo by FuzzyLogic 3 страница. I plan to leave Shadow Cove

tomorrow. When I have enough money to convince

your father to give us his blessing, I will come home.

And then we will be married. Promise me you will not

let your father force you to marry anyone else."

Tears glistened on her face. "When you return, I

will marry you," she told him. "I promise I will never

marry another. No matter what my father does."

"I will hold you to that promise," he said.

6 4


She gave him a shaky smile. "I must go before my

father discovers I am gone."

"I will come back Converted to Repligo by FuzzyLogic 3 страница for you, Rosalyn," Nicholas

promised again. He wrapped his arms around her and

kissed her. He would miss her so much.

Rosalyn eased out of his embrace. "Please take


"I will." Nicholas's throat tightened as he watched

her race away from him. When she disappeared from

his sight, he turned and headed toward his empty


Dark clouds passed before the moon, hiding the

faint light. Nicholas hurried up the beach and back to

the dirt road. He heard a sound behind him—like a

twig snapping. He twisted his head and scanned the

road. Empty.

He slowed down, but kept moving. Cautiously, he

turned his head slightly Converted to Repligo by FuzzyLogic 3 страница and glanced behind him. Out

of the corner of his eye, he spotted a shadow move.

Is someone following me?

Nicholas shot another quick look behind him. A

man ducked back into the shadows.

Had Rosalyn's father sent someone after him already?

Nicholas kept walking. He did not want the man to

know he had been seen.

When Nicholas reached a large elm tree, he ducked

behind it. He wanted to get a better look at the man.

Nicholas peered through the branches.

The road stood empty.

6 5


Where did he go?

Nicholas heard a shuffling sound behind him. He

spun around.

The man Converted to Repligo by FuzzyLogic 3 страница stood in front of him.

"It cannot be!" Nicholas cried.

The man looked just like him.


"Who are you?" Nicholas demanded. He hoped

the man could not see him trembling.

How could the man look exactly like him?

The man stared back at Nicholas in silence, his face


Nicholas felt the hair on the back of his neck stand

up. "Who are you?" he shouted again.

His eyes darted over the young man. Same dark

brown eyes as mine, Nicholas thought frantically.

Same straight brown hair. Same height.

Calm down, Nicholas ordered himself. Calm down.

It is only a strange Converted to Repligo by FuzzyLogic 3 страница coincidence. Brown hair is not

uncommon. Brown eyes are not ...

No. That does not explain it, Nicholas thought. He

does not look like me. He is me.

"What do you want? What are you?" Nicholas



The other man opened and closed his mouth. But

no sound came out.

"Can't you speak?" he barked.

The man stared at Nicholas pleadingly.

He opened his mouth again. "Shadyside!" he


The man's face contorted. As though speech were

agonizing to him.

The man began to fade.

"I don't understand," Nicholas cried. "What did

you come to tell me?" Nicholas could hardly see the

man now.

"Shadyside Converted to Repligo by FuzzyLogic 3 страница," the man shrieked.

Then he was gone.

6 8


" O n e ticket to Shadyside," Nicholas said.

He anxiously watched the man behind the counter

in the train station. Nicholas did not know if a place

called Shadyside even existed. But the man gave him

a curt nod, took his money, and handed him a ticket.

Nicholas had been unable to sleep the night before.

He kept thinking about his strange vision.

Then he knew what he had to do. At dawn he

packed his few possessions and made the long walk to

the train station.

He did not know what he would find in Shadyside Converted to Repligo by FuzzyLogic 3 страница.

But he had to start his search for his father's legacy

somewhere. Perhaps the vision had been sent to guide


Nicholas paced up and down the platform. He

could not wait to leave and find out what awaited him

in Shadyside.


Nicholas straightened the lapels of his new brown

suit. He had bought it on the way to the train station.

He was off to seek his fortune. He did not want to

look like a poor fisherman.

His mind on his journey, Nicholas bumped into a

woman in a straw hat. She stood hunched over, a

shawl wrapped around her shoulders.

"Excuse Converted to Repligo by FuzzyLogic 3 страница me, ma'am," Nicholas said.

The woman glanced up. Her brown eyes held his.

"Rosalyn!" he cried in surprise.

He grabbed her arm and led her away from the few

passengers waiting to board the train.

"What are you doing here?" he asked when they

were safely out of sight.

"I wanted to see you one more time," she explained.

"So I decided to come to the train station. I

knew I would find you!"

He squeezed her hand. "I am glad you did," he told

her. "I have something to tell you. When I was

walking home last night, I had a Converted to Repligo by FuzzyLogic 3 страница vision."

Rosalyn gave a little gasp. "What happened?"

"It is difficult to explain," Nicholas told her. "It

was a vision of myself. This vision of me spoke only

one word—Shadyside."

Nicholas pulled out his ticket and showed it to her.

"I did not even know if such a place existed. But it

does. So that is where I will begin my search for my

father's legacy."

Rosalyn shivered. "I do not like the idea of you

following this vision," she said. "You do not know if


it came from good or evil—even though it took your


"I know it is a strange Converted to Repligo by FuzzyLogic 3 страница thing to do," Nicholas

admitted. "But I feel it is my ... my destiny."

Rosalyn nodded. "I understand. Good luck, Nicholas.

Stay well. I will count the minutes until you

return. But I must go. My father will be furious if he

finds out I saw you."

Rosalyn thrust a small package into his hands.

"Here. I want you to take more than my love with


She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed

him. Nicholas held her tight and breathed in the scent

of roses that always clung to her.

Then she pulled her shawl over her head, glanced

around, and scurried away. Nicholas Converted to Repligo by FuzzyLogic 3 страница slipped the package

into the pocket of his jacket. He heard a whistle

blow and spotted the train far down the tracks.

He could not wait to begin his journey. Faster, he

silently urged the train. Faster, faster. Finally it pulled

into the station, the brakes squealing.

Nicholas climbed aboard and made his way to a

padded seat next to a window. He had never been on

a train before. He had never been anywhere outside

Shadow Cove.

The train whistle blew and black smoke raced past

the window.

The train lurched forward.

Nicholas pressed his forehead against the window.

When I return to Shadow Converted to Repligo by FuzzyLogic 3 страница Cove, no one will recognize

7 1


me, he thought. No one will believe I am Nicholas

Storm, the boy who always stank of fish.

Nicholas reached into his pocket for a peppermint

and felt Rosalyn's package. He had forgotten all about

it. He unfolded the note and read the words she had

written in her beautiful flowing script:

Q}earest/ Mcc/toJas*,

'tPAen/ 67 coas- a/ cAdd, & often/ wa/ked a/ony tkesAor&.

One- evening a& tAe- sun/ 6eaan/ to- set/, 3TsaatsometAiny

sAininyyust Ire/oto- tA& sand. jtjyA\from/

tAe sea/.

6%/ is- my most/ JtHvciouss possession/, ^{ad It/ Acts*

a/u>ay& me-^yood Converted to Repligo by FuzzyLogic 3 страница &icA*. 6Fa>a& wearing* it tA&

day 6T met jfOu>f

&u>a/it>uou' to- taAe* it' ioitA>uow Ofbuoaryourney.

& Anoto- it ioid briny jfoa/ sa/e/y back/ to- me.

J^bae- cdways/, (fiosa/yi/

He pulled on the string tied around the package. It

fell free and the brown paper opened to reveal

Rosalyn's gift.

Rosalyn's favorite necklace. He had seen her wear it

so often. He held it tightly in his hand. It felt warm to

his touch. Warm from her skin, he thought, although

he knew that was impossible.

Nicholas opened his hand and studied the necklace Converted to Repligo by FuzzyLogic 3 страница.

It was unusual. The flat silver disk held a circle of

sparkling blue stones. The disk was bigger than the

ornaments on most necklaces. It is more like an

amulet, Nicholas thought.

7 2


Three claws attached the amulet to the chain.

"Strange decoration," Nicholas muttered. He ran his

thumb over the silver claws.

Oww! A drop of blood fell from his thumb into the

center of the amulet. Those things are sharp, Nicholas


He started to shove the amulet back into his pocket.

Then he caught sight of an inscription on the back.

These are Latin words, he realized. He struggled to

remember enough Latin to Converted to Repligo by FuzzyLogic 3 страница translate them.

"Per." That was easy. "Per" meant "through."

"Dominatio," he whispered to himself. "Dominatio."

Oh, right. "Dominatio" is like "dominate."

It means "power."

Now "malum." Think. What does malum mean?


Nicholas's fingers tightened around the amulet as

the meaning of the inscription came to him.



7 3



Trie Village of Shadyside

A storm was brewing.

Nicholas could feel it in the wind as he climbed

onto the narrow concrete platform of the Shadyside

train station. He could smell it in the air.

Lightning flashed in the darkening sky. It outlined

part of a large mansion looming Converted to Repligo by FuzzyLogic 3 страница in the distance.

Nicholas had planned to find a room in a hotel and

explore Shadyside the next day. Instead he picked up

his suitcase and wandered through the town square

and down the tree-lined main street.

He passed the barber shop, its peppermint-striped

pole out front. A young marine was getting a shave

inside. Just back from the war, Nicholas thought. And

he is not much older than I am.

He peered through the window of the general store.

The shelves were crammed with tools, dishes, bolts of

cloth, bags of flour, jars of candy—everything the

7 7


townspeople might want. Nicholas thought about

going Converted to Repligo by FuzzyLogic 3 страница inside for a cold drink, but decided to continue


He felt as if the mansion were a magnet, drawing

him nearer. Pulling him closer and closer. He did not

want to stop for anything until he reached it.

Nicholas passed the telegraph office and the newspaper

office. He gave the wooden Indian outside the

tobacco shop a pat on the shoulder as he went by. And

he whistled in appreciation when he spotted the shiny

new Mercer Runabout parked in front of the bank.

Someday I will have an auto such as that, Nicholas

promised himself.

Nicholas walked faster and faster. He had to see

that mansion Converted to Repligo by FuzzyLogic 3 страница. He turned off the main street and

hurried down a row of small houses. Almost every

one had a vegetable garden.

At last Nicholas found the street leading to the

mansion—Fear Street. Strange name. Who would

want to live on a street with such a name?

A stretch of the winding street had been paved. The

rest had not. Someone must have had plans for this

land, Nicholas realized. But it appears that they

abandoned their project long ago.

Nicholas heard thunder rumble in the distance. He

knew he should turn back. Find a place to spend the

night. But he needed to see that Converted to Repligo by FuzzyLogic 3 страница mansion.

Nicholas rushed down the winding road until he

reached the iron gate leading to the mansion. He

pushed the gate open, and the hinges squealed.

Thorns snagged the pants of his new brown suit as

7 8


he struggled up the overgrown driveway. He did not


Nicholas's heart beat faster and faster as he approached

the house. I belong here, he thought suddenly.

I belong here.

He stopped in front of the mansion. It towered over

him. It was huge. Nicholas could not imagine living

there. The first floor alone would hold five or six

cottages such as the one he and his mother had

shared Converted to Repligo by FuzzyLogic 3 страница.

Most of the enormous house had been destroyed. A

fire, Nicholas decided. A big one. I bet people could

see it all over town.

Nicholas tried to imagine the mansion as it once

was. A vision popped into his head. The house freshly

painted. The shutters open. Light pouring from the

windows. The gardens and hedges well cared for.

Another roll of thunder sounded in the distance. I

am going to get caught in the rain, Nicholas thought.

But he could not head back to town now.

This place calls to me, Nicholas thought. But why?

For what purpose? For good ... or evil Converted to Repligo by FuzzyLogic 3 страница? The hair on

his arms stood up.

Nicholas climbed up the porch steps, the wood

creaking beneath his feet. He hesitated, then slipped

inside the charred remains of the huge house.

His mouth grew dry, and he swallowed hard as he

put down his suitcase. I know this room. I know what

it looked like before the fire. I know what I will find in

every room of this mansion.


Had he seen the house in a dream? A nightmare?

What was happening to him?

A dim gray light shone into the room. Nicholas

looked up. The fire had burned a hole from the

ground floor Converted to Repligo by FuzzyLogic 3 страница up through the roof of the mansion.

Leaving only a burnt-out shell.

The smell of burning wood still filled the room. Did

people die in the fire? he wondered.

"Fire," he heard a voice whisper behind him. He

spun around.

But no one stood there.

It is only the wind, he thought. A memory flashed

through his mind. His mother saying those same

words to him, comforting him. Only the wind.

The wind swirled around him. "Fire. Fire. Fire. "

Nicholas forced himself to stand still and listen to

the whispering voices. He could only understand a

few of the words.


He closed his eyes and Converted to Repligo by FuzzyLogic 3 страница listened harder.

"Fear. "

"Evil. "

Evil. Fear. Curse. Nicholas's eyes snapped open.

Were the voices trying to warn him? Was he in


"Who are you?" he cried. "Who calls to me?"

The smell of burning flesh filled his nostrils. His

eyes stung and itched.

"Answer me," he pleaded.

The ragged drapes in front of one charred window

8 0


frame fluttered. Nicholas sucked his breath in with a


A large scorch mark covered the drapes. A scorch

mark in the shape of a human body.

Nicholas edged closer to the drapes. The scorch

mark grew darker. Thicker. It bulged out, straining

away from the Converted to Repligo by FuzzyLogic 3 страница fabric.

Nicholas heard a tearing sound. The body is ripping

through the drapes! he thought. It is coming for me!

Nicholas backed away, his heartbeat pounding in

his ears. And the body disappeared.

He caught sight of a figure deep in the shadows in

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